Privacy - Terms & Conditions

Privacy - Terms & Conditions

NY Elite Models is dedicated to maintaining your privacy, and offering safe, discreet companionship that meets all of your needs. By continuing with a booking, you certify that you are paying the going rate for the model's time, and nothing beyond that time. Any actions taken between the model and client are at the discretion of the two parties. NY Elite Models holds no liability for any action taken by those parties.

We at NY Elite Models will never sell or share your information. All booking fees are presented discreetly on the bill. You can trust us to always maintain the highest standards of anonymity, so you can enjoy our services knowing you are dealing with a legitimate agency.

Please contact us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with any questions or concerns. Our phone concierge is standing by.




“I hereby certify that I am over the age of 21-years-old, and that I am viewing all material on this website from a private computer. “I understand that viewing of this website is at the discretion and liability of the user. I am aware of the laws of my region, and take full responsibility for any consequences incurred through violation of regulations in that region. “I will not show material from this website to any persons under the age of 21, or anyone in a region where materials provided are against their country's laws. “I am not a law enforcement or government official seeking information for any legal purpose, nor am I taking part in any attempt to block adult related materials. “I understand that all material provided on this website is owned in full by NY Elite Models and associated partners and employees. I will not steal or redistribute those materials, under penalty of copyright laws and further civil recourse. If I do redistribute materials, I understand that I am fully liable for damages, up to and including lawsuits by models, NY Elite Models, and any partnered companies. “I agree to enter this website only through this landing page, and will not bookmark any pages within. I understand that I can leave this website at any time by closing the browser window, or turning off my computer or device. I take full responsibility for viewing all materials up to, and beyond, this point. “I understand that any money exchanged through the client and NY Elite Models is done at the discretion of the client, the company, and the escorts hired through the service. These fees do not purchase any sexual or otherwise outlawed acts, as per the laws of the state of New York.

NY Elite Models is a connection service, which introduces escorts to customers for companionship, and I am paying for the time of that escort. Any actions taken by the escort and client after this point is subject to the laws of New York state; NY Elite Models holds no responsibility for exchanges made outside of the initial contracting fee.

By entering, I agree to all of the above.